>Happy New Year! {What I love about Design & Creativity}


Honestly, I love the freedom of interpretation. The ability to use the gifts God has given us to make someone’s day brighter.  I love the look on a guest’s face, when a place that they have known all their life (or even for a short period of time) has been transformed into something magical and breathtaking.  I love that creativity works with any socioeconomic status and any budget.  Honestly in building my business I have found that necessity is truly "the mother of all invention!" I believe that  it’s all about being true to who you are, always giving it your best, and doing it with love…that is Luxe. life to me.  And it’s a blessing that we are able to live it.  So with that said this first “official” blog is dedicated to the creativity in us all!

Just one more thing...I would love to be a "blogging beast" but honestly my heart is to bring you quality not quantity...so if I don't have anything to say...well then I am not going to say anything...:-) With that said, my goal is to bombard your computer screen with Pretty | Edgy | Chic once a week! And you know...if I have more to say...then I'll say it!With that...Live. Celebrate. Luxe!