>We Have GROWN into Graduates: A Pre-K Party {Real Party - Just for Fun}

>This past weekend my hubby and I celebrated one of my son's first academic milestones! In our family we really value education...even when its not "formal" education.  Learning is KEY and as parents we have tried to instill that in our children even before they could speak.  That's why it was so important to celebrate in grand (okay...just a little bit) fashion:-)

I told my hubby that I want to throw a graduation party for Gabe.  I knew that it would be more fun if ALL of his school friends and their families could share in the day...so of course I had the BRILLIANT idea (LOL) to throw the party at school, immediately following the ceremony. Okay, okay...it was only brilliant because I would not have to clean up my house afterwards!! Yippeeee!

Early on I had the thought to use WHEAT GRASS! I don't know why...my mind is kinda crazy like that some times.  As with any design process the theme had many layers and different elements that changed and evolved, but the one thing that stayed constant was my commitment to   WHEAT GRASS and my $100 budget!

So armed with my ideas and a mind blooming with the best ways to satisfy the sweet tooth and party palette of four and five year olds, I began my mission. I knew I would need to make a banner with my CRICUT (that the primo hubsters bought me for Mother's Day) and at that point ..the theme was born.  We Have GROWN into Graduates!!!

I added some earthy elements and as many fun things for the kids as possible.  I am pleased to say that they LOVED all the sweets..even the little robot-like cakepops with grass (linguini I painted with food coloring) and they treat filled personalized boxes.  Part of the fun was that each kid had to find their name on the box and collect all their goodies.

This party was JUST FOR FUN, and I LOVED every minute of it.  Here are a few photos of the graduates' after party set-up.  I hope you enjoy...I sure did.

My little banner
We Have GROWN into Grads!

Wheat GRASS!!

T-Shirts for the kids to write good-bye messages to one another. Sweet Idea!

Spray painted $1frame from Micheal's (regular gloss spray paint and chalk)

The Proud Graduate!

Do it Because you Love it!
Happy Planning, Creating and Partying