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your invitations set the tone for your special day, period. yes, period.  

I am huge fan of and proponent for customized wedding invitations and stationery. however, I am also a realist.  not everyone's budget can accommodate luxury custom invites.  but you deserve to feel luxurious and get the best that your budget will afford you.  it may seem oxymoronic, but it is what I call "budget luxe!"

I am always excited to find budget friendly options to add to my repertoire.  while, some of my brides may be budget conscious, they all have a very stylish and discerning eye; as do I. therefore, I am extremely particular (read borderline snobbish) about the options that I present to them. 

I am going to be 100 percent transparent (cause that's how I roll).  a few weeks ago, I was approached by Basic Invite about sharing their product with my readers. truthfully I was skeptical, but took a gander anyway.  I was pleasantly surprised and extremely pleased with the options that were presented on their website.  now, let's not be and I both know that seeing it online is not the same thing as seeing it in person.  so, before I could type a single word, I knew I would have to get samples in hand first!  

I ordered a standard sample kit and then chose to purchase a customized sample so that I could actually go through the process.  when I tell you it was easy peezy!  I was so impressed by the vast color customization, ease of editing and paper selection options. again, I am somewhat of a paper snob and particular about stationery in general, but I honestly felt like they had such a broad selection, that anyone could find something to fit their style and budget there.  

although I could have used their pictures for this blog post, I opted to shoot a few vignettes on my own.  you know, any opportunity to play with pretty flowers and stationery, I am game! so I will share with you some photos that I took of my favorite looks from the sample pack and then my customized invite purchase. I am pretty much obsessed anything with Gold Foil and their options are pretty endless. 

although I am a modern girl when it comes to design, also has great selection of vintage wedding invitations .  in addition, you can find : save the date invitations ; wedding guest books ; and bridal shower invitations.

currently Basic Invite is running a 15% off promotion on EVERYTHING! use code 15FF51 when checking out.  

Check out some of my favorites below - enjoy! 

Oh! One more note - for my shoot, I only ordered one suite, complete with accompanying envelope, belly and RSVP card.  however, they have over 200 invitation sets and 40 different envelope colors to chose from, so go crazy!!!

you can see more of their beautiful design options here.  please be sure to tell them I sent you!


Talia Felicia 


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