"sea me" cotton candy mocktail


Although it's spring, the weather's been pretty cool all week where I live in sunny Florida!  Yeah, yeah, I know our 39 degrees is swimming weather for some of you, but I like the warmth of the day and breeze of the night that our weather brings.

Warm or not, this weekend I'm revisiting this mocktail I created for the PRX Beauty launch earlier this year. It was inspired by their Sea Me nail lacquer!  Look out for more sneaks of the event. But until then enjoy a drink on me, or at least a recipe. .lol

Here's the ingredient list...use how much you like until it tastes good to you, I never measure anything!

::sour apple drink mix ::sour apple cotton candy ::creme of coconut ::lime juice ::lemon lime soda :::mix liquid ingredients and pour over cotton candy


Have a great weekend!

-talia felicia

Ps...check out the luxe nail lacquer at prx beauty