>Little Miss Butterfly in TIE DYE a 1st Birthday! {Real Party}

>Let me start by saying, sorry I have been gone so long.  But life over at Luxe. Event Design, LLC has been busy busy busy! I know, I know.. you real bloggies are surely frowning at this, but what can I say...life and work happen! I hope that this summer I can blog more...:-)  With that said, I am glad that my reintroduction is with this wonderful party that I planned and designed for my little darling...aka mommacakes...aka Noah-Danielle, this past weekend.  I thought about not blogging and only posting the pictures online, but SOOOOO MANY fabulous people help make this PARTY and success I just couldn't not acknowledge and thank them formally.  So here goes! According to my hubby, I have been planning this party since the DAY I FOUND OUT I was having a GIRL! This is soooo not true.  However, the theme did strike me a while back...like sometime last year and early this year, I started a super secret mission.  A mission to find as much chic tie- dye, preferably in the form of BUTTERFLIES as I could!  After tie-dying a few things, I decided that this method probably WOULD NOT be the best option.  So I first enlisted the help of my fellow Dreamer Into Doer, Jennifer Johnson that runs the Etsy shop Paperpyro.  She found several different tie-dyed papers for me and then die cut  SEVERAL HUNDRED butterflies.  Upon receiving her beautiful butterflies I turned some of them into wands and others I simply embellished with rhinestones. (You know I LOVE bling!)  I also used her butterflies to make custom napkin rings and add flair to a few other DIY projects.!!!

Next, I KNEW  I had to have Kandy Kones™ from the one and only Genevieve Richer-LeBel aka the Superchick of Celebration TODAY...The superchick way!  She actually took the time to TIE-DYE paper for me and then add crystals and butterflies for added POP!  It was like she could "see" inside my head! I couldn't have asked for anything more!  I can't wait for my next idea to get KONED!

Then on my list was Sasha Vincent from Bedazzled Bon Bons.  I had the pleasure featuring some of her Bedazzled goodness for my Love...Chic party for Valentines day.  So, I made sure that there was a spot on the dessert table for the bite size pieces of chocolatey deliciousness.  Once again, she WOWED me and my guests.  It was so funny to see everyone all glittered up during the party!  (As a matter of fact, I just ran from the computer to get one! NOT KIDDING...you want some? I know you do!)

What's a party without a FABULOUS cake?!?! Well Vicki of The Flour Pot Bakery made sure that my little mommacakes had the prettiest, tastiest, BLINGED out cake ever!  While my girl (the bestest Publix cake decorator there is) Abbe made me customized strawberry and cream cheese filled cupcakes with TIE-DYE frosting.  For all my local readers, she's at Steeplechase!

For this party, I promised myself that I would take it easy and not try to make all the treats myself.  This time I felt like the more edibles could let someone else do the better!!! I wanted cake pops but I DID NOT want to make them...so I knew just who to call! An ultra fab chick, Cineca Keck Newburn of Dreamin N Details Designs.  She sent me four dozen (yes you read correctly) pops of chocolate and blueberry goodness.  These were so cute and tasty.  Literally as I write this my daughter is screaming at me about giving her one (you don't believe me, check out the last picture)!

Lastly, but certainly not least, I want to give a special shout out to some of our Dreamers Into Doers Sunshine State Crew, Debra Walters of Titi's Tutus for volunteering to make my daughter the lovely headband she is adorning and Lauren McKinsey for just being a super party chick and stopping by to spread her sunshine!!!  And one last thing...I can't leave without saying thanks to my mommy-in-law for sewing my dessert table backdrop and tie-dye table runners ( I DO NOT SEW ANYTHING!!!), and my WONDERFUL hubby for his love, support, heavy lifting, and most of all for financing the WHOLE operation without complaint...LOL! Love all you guys.

Honestly, this post is more about the people that helped me than me.  I really could not have given my baby girl this party without all of you! I am so blessed to get to work with each of you.  Check out some pics below, but you can click on this Facebooklink to view the full album.  In my heart I would love to come back with some DIY projects, but I have some projects coming up, so I may be ghost again :-) We'll see! Thanks again guys and I hope you all enjoy!

Vendors and Credits Kandy Kones™ - Celebration today...The superchick way! Bedazzled Bon Bons - Bedazzled Bons Bons Cake Pops - Dreamin N Details Designs Birthday Cake - The Flour Pot Bakery Cupcakes - Abbe from Publix Paper Butterflies - Paperpyro Tutu Headband - Titi'sTutus EVERYTHING ELSE!!! - Luxe. Event Design, LLC

Remember to check out full album here.

Live. Celebrate. Luxe. Happy Planning, Creating and Partying!!!