what if we took just one | opportunity | to | connect |?- part II

So in part I I shared with you my experience this weekend of launching my new blog and being found (all random) + featured by a Japanese web developer that has an online magazine dedicated to all things WordPress.  Well the truth is I had already started writing this blog before that ever happened.  Part II happened before part I, but it was so relevant that I had to share.  Okay so on with it, you say! Last Friday night | Saturday morning I was up really late putting the finishing touches on Pretty. Edgy. Chic.  Of course I was on twitter laughing hysterically at one of my twitter friends as I often do.  As I chuckled I realized that Auri (who lives in India) was one of my very first twitter followers and I ALWAYS laugh at his tweets, but he and I NEVER actually SAY anything to one another.  This got me thinking...So I decided to reach out to him and say HI!  Well in doing so, he responded immediately and told me that he had first come to know me because of Blogger (yeah, he was one of the 3 followers that I had...LOL!).  He also invited me to read his blog, which I have now fallen in love with.  On his latest post he had a video entitled "A Thousand Words."  Its premise was based on one simple question - "What if you took just one opportunity to connect?"  I was so moved by this.

Every day we have so many opportunities to connect with new people and for one reason or another we let them pass us by.  Whether its fear of rejection, insecurity, or simply the rigors of life itself.  Whatever the reason, what would happen if we committed to connecting with one new person a day?  How would it change our lives?  Better yet, how much more good could we do together?  Well I have decided to make this a personal challenge of mine.

The reason I even got to experience the video you will see below  was because he first reached out by following me, I responded and then we decided to actually connect (almost 7 months later). And because of it I have gained a new buddy on the other side of the world!

The real connections that I have made via facebook, twitter, the Children's Party Network, and Martha Stewart's Dreamer's into Doers are priceless. I can say I have built personal and genuine friendships with at least one person from each network. These friendships have encouraged me, renewed me, propelled me to want to do more, and given me courage and strength to keep doing what  I love!

So today I want to share this with you and thank all of you, for taking a chance and connecting with me! I hope this video is as compelling to you as it is to me. And I encourage you to release the fear and reach out...its okay.  I have discovered that most people are inherently good (and nice too) and are probably just as scared as you are. Why not make the FIRST move..or at least be nice enough to make the second and respond:-)

Keep doing it because you love it! http://vimeo.com/2884813

what if we took just one | opportunity | to | connect |?- part I

This is a question that I have been asking myself since joining the twitter crazed, facebook fanatics of the world :-).  But I felt compelled to share little post because I got a really cool tweet this past weekend after launching our new blog.  I thought it was so neat that the guy that tweeted me lives in Japan and stumbled across my new blog, and thought enough to include our blog launch as a feature story in his online magazine dedicated to all things WordPress. I was tickled PINK because every other tweet of his (not directed to me) was in Japanese...how cool is that?  I think its clear that I am loving this platform as a means to communicate | connect with the world.  However, with all these connections, it's got me thinking...how much are we really making the effort to "get to know" one another?  What if we took just one opportunity to connect - to really connect? We'll see one take on that question tomorrow in part II!

Until then...have a great one and keep doing it because you love it!