"sea me" cotton candy mocktail


Although it's spring, the weather's been pretty cool all week where I live in sunny Florida!  Yeah, yeah, I know our 39 degrees is swimming weather for some of you, but I like the warmth of the day and breeze of the night that our weather brings.

Warm or not, this weekend I'm revisiting this mocktail I created for the PRX Beauty launch earlier this year. It was inspired by their Sea Me nail lacquer!  Look out for more sneaks of the event. But until then enjoy a drink on me, or at least a recipe. .lol

Here's the ingredient list...use how much you like until it tastes good to you, I never measure anything!

::sour apple drink mix ::sour apple cotton candy ::creme of coconut ::lime juice ::lemon lime soda :::mix liquid ingredients and pour over cotton candy


Have a great weekend!

-talia felicia

Ps...check out the luxe nail lacquer at prx beauty

black + white classy 30th

Established 7. 23. 82. - the theme was set.  She just wanted elegant and fun.  I just love when a client says "do your thing!"  Well this was the case for Nona's 30th birthday.  She knew the color palette she wanted, and I loved the elegance  it would provide for this intimate fete.   If you follow my blog then you know I have had my share or two of quick turn arounds! Well this was no different. Two weeks from the day of decision was my time frame.  Now in Nona's and her hubby's defense they were expecting and all you mommies and daddies out there know how that can be.  Should we? Will we have the energy? I really want to, but is now the right time?  (I am talking about the party ya'll:-)) So, I was honored to plan this party for them. To get the job done and done quickly we had the help of some AH-MAZING vendors! Take Away Gourmet provided the deliciously deletable delights (say that seven times fast); Eccentric Designs by Latisha Horton designed the pintables & custom paper signage; Sweeties by Kim made the oh-so cute chocolate covered oreos (check out the houndstooth); Ten23 Designs made the lovely customized decal and our local grocer made the cupcakes that we embellished with fondant toppers and pearls from Two Sweet Cakes!

This party was such a joy to plan.  After our first consultation her design plan was sketched and ready for execution in 30 minutes...that was record time for me.  We really love how this one came together...and hope you do to.

Wait...wait..wait..before I share, I just want to take a minute to thank the lovely ladies mentioned above that help me pull this off.  Their willingness to assist and flexibility given the time frame  made my job just that much easier.  So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart ladies! Please show them some love and tell them I sent you!!! They are FABULOUS! I know this post is 6 months overdue...but better late than never, right? Ha! Okay...now I will share.... and as always you can view the full album on our FB page here.

Nona's 30th Birthday-1
Nona's 30th Birthday-5
Nona's 30th Birthday-7
Nona's 30th Birthday-11
Nona's 30th Birthday-16
Nona's 30th Birthday-19
Nona's 30th Birthday-33
Nona's 30th Birthday-36
Nona's 30th Birthday-45
Nona's 30th Birthday-49
Nona's 30th Birthday-57
Nona's 30th Birthday-59
Nona's 30th Birthday-73
Nona's 30th Birthday-83
Nona's 30th Birthday-90
Nona's 30th Birthday-100
Nona's 30th Birthday-121