>We Have GROWN into Graduates: A Pre-K Party {Real Party - Just for Fun}

>This past weekend my hubby and I celebrated one of my son's first academic milestones! In our family we really value education...even when its not "formal" education.  Learning is KEY and as parents we have tried to instill that in our children even before they could speak.  That's why it was so important to celebrate in grand (okay...just a little bit) fashion:-)

I told my hubby that I want to throw a graduation party for Gabe.  I knew that it would be more fun if ALL of his school friends and their families could share in the day...so of course I had the BRILLIANT idea (LOL) to throw the party at school, immediately following the ceremony. Okay, okay...it was only brilliant because I would not have to clean up my house afterwards!! Yippeeee!

Early on I had the thought to use WHEAT GRASS! I don't know why...my mind is kinda crazy like that some times.  As with any design process the theme had many layers and different elements that changed and evolved, but the one thing that stayed constant was my commitment to   WHEAT GRASS and my $100 budget!

So armed with my ideas and a mind blooming with the best ways to satisfy the sweet tooth and party palette of four and five year olds, I began my mission. I knew I would need to make a banner with my CRICUT (that the primo hubsters bought me for Mother's Day) and at that point ..the theme was born.  We Have GROWN into Graduates!!!

I added some earthy elements and as many fun things for the kids as possible.  I am pleased to say that they LOVED all the sweets..even the little robot-like cakepops with grass (linguini I painted with food coloring) and they treat filled personalized boxes.  Part of the fun was that each kid had to find their name on the box and collect all their goodies.

This party was JUST FOR FUN, and I LOVED every minute of it.  Here are a few photos of the graduates' after party set-up.  I hope you enjoy...I sure did.

My little banner
We Have GROWN into Grads!

Wheat GRASS!!

T-Shirts for the kids to write good-bye messages to one another. Sweet Idea!

Spray painted $1frame from Micheal's (regular gloss spray paint and chalk)

The Proud Graduate!

Do it Because you Love it!
Happy Planning, Creating and Partying

{Real Party} Love...CHIC - Valentine's Day Dinner Party


You all know that I am a SUPER HUGE fan of entertaining at home no matter whether its a few good friends or 50.  I think that all events are special, but there is something to be said about livening up a space that is familiar, adding FABULOSITY and a touch of flair. This year, one of my goals is to entertain more at home, just for fun.  For designers, sometimes “just for fun” is difficult.  It is so easy for things to turn “project like” real fast.  But I read on the extremely talented Preston Bailey’s blog that you should “practice your craft” as often as possible.  So even though I am knee deep in details for a June wedding and ankle deep in my daughter’s first birthday party, I thought that now would be the perfect time to do a little “just for fun” while “practicing my craft” and share it with you all! So here is how it all started…
I originally wanted to blog about the addition of some delectable delights as signature items to our Luxe. “Sweets Bar”…well, that is all true, and you will see a few of them featured here today.  But I love to share my fabulous finds with friends, and I felt like it wouldn’t do them justice to just take pictures of them and tell you how fabulous they were.  I figured since I had been blessed with these sweet treats, it would be that much better if I actually had people over to EAT them J.  So my husband and I invited over one of our FAVORITE couples and voila...let the party commence!
First, I received a beautiful sampling of Bedazzled Bon Bons from the oh so fabulous ‘bedazzle queen’ Sasha Vincent.  Then I met the wonderfully talented Sara Dandy of Dandy Delights via Facebook and she sent me some of the most delightful shortbread cookies.  These sweet treats acted as my inspiration and from it, a BEAUTIFUL , intimate Valentine’s Day Dinner Party was born.  We call it Love…Chic! And CHIC it was.
I embarked on a journey of bright FUSCHIA and TURQUOISE {look familiar} with a dash of black, bling and silver!  Although traditional V-day colors are nice, I wanted to mix it up a bit.  Our guests were greeted with centerpieces made of Vendela (Ivory) roses, Hot Princess (Hot Pink) roses and hydrangea…  and the place cards from Blumebox {blinged out by me!!!} added extra flair!
Anyone that knows me, knows that I ABSOLUTELY adore giving gifts! So, for favors our guests were given 3 boxes….each with a sweet treat inside: a rum ball from The Flour Pot Bakery, of course a Bedazzled Bon Bon and some Dandy Dots {custom shortbread cookies}.  We shared a lovely meal from Napolatano's and for dessert we had blueberry filled cupcakes (decorated by my favorite decorator chick Abbe at Publix), custom designed cookies from The Flour Pot Bakery, more Bedazzled Bon Bons and apricot filled cheesecake cake pops by me! 

Even though Valentine’s Day isn’t officially for another week, I think our Love…CHIC party was a great precursor to the Main Event.  I will be back later this week with some “last minute” how-tos for some budget friendly centerpieces! Until then, take a looksy at my REAL PARTY!

{You can view the whole album here}

Live. Celebrate. Luxe!!!! Happy Planning, Creating & Partying!