what if we took just one | opportunity | to | connect |?- part I

This is a question that I have been asking myself since joining the twitter crazed, facebook fanatics of the world :-).  But I felt compelled to share little post because I got a really cool tweet this past weekend after launching our new blog.  I thought it was so neat that the guy that tweeted me lives in Japan and stumbled across my new blog, and thought enough to include our blog launch as a feature story in his online magazine dedicated to all things WordPress. I was tickled PINK because every other tweet of his (not directed to me) was in Japanese...how cool is that?  I think its clear that I am loving this platform as a means to communicate | connect with the world.  However, with all these connections, it's got me thinking...how much are we really making the effort to "get to know" one another?  What if we took just one opportunity to connect - to really connect? We'll see one take on that question tomorrow in part II!

Until then...have a great one and keep doing it because you love it!