>Boy Chic - Planes, Trains, Automobiles and DAMASK: Its a Baby Shower {Real Party}

>CHIC: attractive and fashionable; stylish...BOY - awwww come on, you all know what a boy is...LOL!

All jokes aside, this shower was such a joy,  from conception to production, I loved completing every last detail. So even before I knew the baby's gender, LIME GREEN was a must.   I absolutely L-O-V-E bright, vibrant colors! When my client told me that her friend was having a little boy, I decided on the planes, trains and automobiles theme!  I know this theme is classic, but I wanted to put a spin on it, and I knew I could do this with the colors I chose.  So my next color was SLATE GRAY! And as started designing the invitation, I knew that BABY BOY BLUE :-) was the perfect accent.  So where does the damask come in you say? Well, I will tell you.  I was embossing napkin rings from my daughter's Tie-Dye Butterfly Party and it was as clear as day...LIME GREEN DAMASK!!! (don't you love it when one project SPARKS another?) So there you have it.

There are so many elements of this party that I just love..love...love, but here are my TOP 4 Picks

1) Hand Painted Planes, Trains, and Automobiles - I bought little wooden toys from Michael's and first spray painted them why my favorite KRYLON gloss paint, and them hand painted them with acrylic color and finished the look with a triple-thick gloss paint! I loved the look and it was soooo easy.

2)Painted Pacifiers - Okay, I love crafting, but I felt absolutely NO NEED to try and MAKE pacifiers..lol.  Especially not when the craft store has perfectly molded plastic ones in their baby shower section.  However, it would not be Luxe. if I didn't put a TWIST on it. Soooooo, I SPRAY PAINTED the PACIFIERS GRAY using the same KRYLON gloss paint that I used on the other toys.  I left some in the original blue and then tied shimmer green ribbon on the gray ones and gray ribbon on the blue! I thought it was sooooo cute!!! (I WILL BE DOING THIS AGAIN!!! THE COLOR OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS)

***TIP*** Hang the pacifiers up on some type of string (I used fishing line) and it helps make sure that the pacifiers get evenly coated***

3) Favor Table Backdrop - I wanted a unique back drop for the favor table, and I really wanted to incorporate the DAMASK theme.  So I painted three 8 x 10 canvases with a damask stencil in lime green and affixed one airplane on each.  Then I added a gray ribbon to each and viola!!!! I think it pulled the theme together so well. 

4) Kandy Kones™ - These are special not just because a special Superchick made the, but because its like she was INSIDE MY HEAD, when she made them.  I received minis and regular kones and the details were amazing! From the gray pearls that adorned them to how perfectly the color matched! These pics just don't do them justice.  One day Gen, I promise I will get really good photos of the fab things you send me :-) 

Please check out the full album here! If you would like any information about things you see here, feel free to email at talia {at} theluxeplanner {dot} com. 

Happy Planning, Creating and Partying!!!