Matheson History Museum Founding Families Gala Honoring ::

the Pound, Mickle + Carr Families and Coach Steve Spurrier

Our gala planning experience was both fun and professional with Talia Felicia Events + Design. Talia is beautifully organized, a genius at both marketing and design, and made what could have been a long, arduous planning process a true joy. Even though I would hire Talia again purely for her design talents, I would want to work with her again even more because of her award-winning personality.

Our gala was perfect. No detail was left to chance, everything went smoothly, and all the vendors she recommended were highly professional. All that was left to do after the gala was bask in the afterglow of a successful event. Thank you, Talia!

— Peggy Macdonald, Ph.D. Executive Director, Matheson History Museum