PACE Center for Girls - All About Girls Summit with Special Guests ::

Laila Ali, Soledad O'Brien, Marley Dias,  Ericka Dunlap |Miss America| and

Karol Mason |FMR U.S. Asst. Atty General|


If you look up the word “amazing” in the dictionary, I am pretty sure there is a headshot of Talia Rogers smiling as the illustration. Talia is not only professional, creative and proactive, but she is also compassionate, committed and gifted. Although events management is what she “does,” it’s who she is that makes what she does work so well. It has been my joy, honor and privilege to work with Talia to produce the 2017 All About Girls Summit, an event that has more moving parts and pieces than a car manufacturing plant. Yet, she stayed on top of everything with a smile and the type of “can do” attitude that makes everyone around her feel confident in her courage. She is the best in the business. Period.
— Nona C. Jones Chief External Affairs Officer PACE Center for Girls